Day 54

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

Just adding up the miles… Today was the third consecutive day over 100 miles since arriving in New York.  That’s a good thing, as tomorrow’s weather forecast is calling for rain and thunderstorms throughout the day.  Riding conditions today ranged from smooth, paved-shoulder highways to single lane trail. My stopping point for the day was in Rome, NY.


My route also took me on the urban streets of Syracuse. I missed out on some nice photo opportunities while navigating downtown traffic, but did get a picture of this Croatian church (which looks much more magnificent in person).


  1. Sharon Kinden says:

    I’m in the Black Hills with my family. We got caught in a horrible thunderstorm on the way back from the Crazy Horse Moument. The biggest rain drops I’ve every seen. Saw a bicyclist and thought of you. Stay out of those thunderstorms!!!

  2. Marie Pierce says:

    “Get up mule here comes a lock. We’ll make Rome ’bout 6 o’clock”
    One more trip and back we’ll go. Right back home to Buffalo”
    “We know every inch of the way from Albany to Buffalo”
    Think you’re going in the wrong direction according to the song. E
    Enjoy the rest of the Canal.

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