Day 61

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

3,671 miles!

This afternoon I completed my 3,671 mile bicycle journey across America and dipped my wheels in the waters of Long Island Sound. 

My brother Kyle joined me for the second half of today’s ride, navigating our route to the beach at Rocky Neck State Park, CT.

Kyle’s house was along our route, so we stopped and recruited some additional riders for the last 9 miles to the ocean. My daughter, Emma, and Kyle’s sons, Jon and Mark, rode with us for the final stretch.

While the bike ride is complete, I’ll still be providing some blog posts in the upcoming days with reflections about my trip.  It’s also not too late to make a donation to Lutheran Campus Mission Association.  Stay tuned for post-ride details…

  1. Jim Homann says:

    Congratulation! I have enjoyed your trip vicariously!

  2. Dave Benson says:

    Yeah! Congratulations and Praise the Lord!

  3. Bryan Ross says:

    Congratulations to all of you! What an accomplishment. Your trip has been a blessing and inspiration. I can’t wait to be able to talk with you about it when you return.

  4. Sharon Kinden says:

    Tears welled in my eyes. I am sooooo proud of you and your amazing family. God bless you!!!!!

  5. Cindy says:

    Congratulations! You have served God in so many ways on this trip! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  6. Becky Ross says:

    Well done, good and faithful servant! What an amazing accomplishment! Thanks be to God for guiding you along your journey!

  7. Curt Morgret says:

    Well done with grace and strength.

  8. Cindy Barchet says:

    Wow!! Great job! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  9. Halleluia! What an amazing trip; how great that you all could do that!

  10. ed pieart says:

    best bike ride I ever had. Thanks for letting me join you. Enjoyed your sermon and the Lord is still looking after us.

  11. Pamela K Hilke says:

    Congratulations to you and your family on your once-in-a-lifetime trip across the USA!! Enjoy your time with Kyle, Betsy and their family. God’s blessing and have a safe trip when it comes time to travel back to Missouri. We’ll miss checking out the daily updates – its been very interesting.

    Your cousins, Pam & Carl Hilke

  12. Benson says:

    Praise the Lord! Congrats on a job well done. Looking forward to having you home.

  13. GregK says:

    Congratulations, Kent! What a great ride. Thanks for sharing glimpses of it with us throughout the trip. God bless our work in ministry and outreach to campus communities!

  14. Joel Krueger says:

    Congratulations Kent! I have really enjoyed following your progress. I look forward to talking about it with you when you get back home! Proud of you!

  15. TimA says:

    Outstanding! A very, very impressive ride. Have a safe trip home!

  16. Marian Sapp says:

    Congratulations Pastor. You made it. have enjoyed following your trip. And thank God for keeping you safe.

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