Bike Across America 2012

I first began dreaming of riding a bicycle across the United States as a high school student in the late 1980’s.  Now, in 2012, that dream is taking shape!  Here is my tentative route…

This summer I will bicycle across the United States—from Washington to Connecticut—in part as a personal challenge, but also to build relationships with congregations and communities and to talk about the vast mission field that exists on our nation’s college and university campuses.  Not only is campus ministry important in a young Christian’s faith formation and in raising up leaders for the church, it is also vital in reaching out with the love and power of Jesus to young adults who have no connection to the body of Christ.  I will set out Saturday, June 2 from the Puget Sound at Anacortes, Washington and reach my destination on the Atlantic coast near East Lyme, Connecticut, by August 5.

Help me pedal with purpose!

  1. Donovan Pierce says:

    Best of everything for all this summer.

  2. Jon Jensen says:

    How long will this take?

  3. I’m just starting to be involved in our student ministry in Whitewater Wisconsin with Living Savior Church. I would love to follow your trip and learn more about it.

  4. Gary Pierce says:

    Nephew Kent, It is great that one of your dreams is going to be realized. We will be with you in spirit ALL the way. May the sun shine on you and may the wind be at your back. Best of luck. Uncle Gary

  5. Dave Benson says:

    Kent, this is going to be a great adventure. We’ll be praying you through day by day. Thanks for setting up this blog so that we can “experience” the ride with you.

  6. Pastor Greg says:

    Kent: Pr Greg DeMuth here, from 1st Lutheran Grand Rapids, MN. Spent 4 years at University Lutheran Chapel, Lincoln, NE in campus ministry. If you let me know when you’re in MN, I’d love to ride with you for a day.

    Mega blessings!

  7. Luther Gulseth says:

    I know this might be late in the plans, but I’m in the Chicago area near Concordia (as a Master of Church Music student) and would love to see you come down around the lake. I have connections with several churches in the area, and should be able to locate housing (if you wish) for one or more nights during the area. Also, I’d ove to ride with you as a wind break for several days through the area. God’s blessings on your ride!

  8. Eric Bendekovic says:

    I would love to ride with you when you come through Pa. Is there a way I can get in touch with you?

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