Day 53

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

Today’s bike ride followed the towpath trail alongside the Erie Canal.  My stopping point tonight was Palmyra, NY.  I had a flat tire right away this morning, with the puncture coming from an unusual object… a fish hook!


Today’s family adventure took Jen, Emma, Norah, and Brennen to Niagara Falls and the Erie Canal Discovery Center in Lockport, NY. The first stop in Niagara was Cave of the Winds on Goat Island. “When you first enter Cave of the Winds, it’s like a mist. When you get to Hurricane Deck, it’s like you are taking a clean shower because the water pours right on you,” Norah reported.

Brennen exclaimed, “I loved it. The water was blue until it splashed, then it was white. There were bubbles like soap.”

“Hurricane Deck was awesome because you get soaked,” Emma shared. “The observation deck was cool because it felt like you were floating in the air over the river.”

At the Erie Canal Discovery Center, we learned how they made the locks in Lockport. There was an interactive interpretative movie narrated by a person playing Benjamin Wright, the lock engineer for the Erie Canal, from the famous ‘Opening of the Erie Canal’ mural by A. Raphael Beck.


“Wright” explained to us why New York needed the Erie Canal and how the canal was dug. Then invited us behind a movie screen to finish the film on a packet boat where we learned how the locks worked. After exploring the center, we went out to the “Flight of Five” and walked along the original canal locks in Lockport.

  1. Bryan Ross says:

    Those darn fish hooks!

  2. Good times! Did you already go through Middleport? About 20 miles from Lockport. We used to go up there every year and visit good friends; they still live there

  3. Marie Pierce says:

    A new type of tube bait? Don Pierce

  4. Terri Poole says:

    It sounds like FIsh Hooks are defining your Trip. At least this one did not include a trip to the ER.

  5. Sharon Kinden says:

    Oh, Niagara Falls–one of my favorite places! I’m so envious!!!! What fun to get soaked. What a bummer to have another flat!

  6. Pamela K Hilke says:

    It sounds as if this is the adventurous summer of your lifetime!! God’s blessings and have a safe trip as you travel on the last part of your trip to Connecticut.

    Your Wisconsin cousins – Pam & Carl

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