Help me pedal with purpose!

Approximately 18 million students are pursuing postsecondary degrees on college and university campuses across the United States. Many have faith that Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of a lost and sinful world; many—that is, millions—do not. There is an ongoing urgent need for new ministries to serve Christian students and reach out with the Gospel in campus communities across the United States.

Please help me pedal with purpose by offering your prayers and supporting my cause, the Lutheran Campus Mission Association, a mission society that is dedicated to “making disciples who make disciples on campus.”

You can help in a big way! Here’s how:

  • Pray for Lutheran campus ministries and Christian outreach at colleges and universities—especially during June and July, when I will be on the road & new students will be visiting their campuses.
  • Follow me on my ride by clicking the “follow” link on this blog.
  • Do you live along my route?  Get a bunch of people together and hold a “flash mob ride” alongside me when I come to your town. (There’s a map of the route on my website.)
  • Is your church on or near my route?  Invite me to stop—or even speak—there!  (Or, provide a place for our family to park our camper for the night.)
  • Collect a door offering to support Lutheran Campus Mission Association.
  • Make a personal contribution to Lutheran Campus Mission Association by mailing a donation or through PayPal on the Lutheran Campus Mission Association website.
  • Print and share the Bulletin Insert.

Follow this link to read about my ride at the Lutheran Campus Mission Association website and learn how you can join in supporting my cause!

LCMA header   donate


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