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Visiting the Gunnar factory in Waterford, WI



Today was my first opportunity to ride my new Gunnar.  We’re in Kenosha County, Wisconsin visiting my wife’s parents and it’s cold and windy.  I’ve waited all morning for it to reach 40 degrees…  just a short 16 mile ride today.  The rest of the week is promising warmer days.

It’s finally finished and ready to ride (if the rain ever stops)!  Here are some pics taken at Walt’s, where the bike was built out…

…new bike will be ready on Friday.  Can’t wait to try it out!

new cycling jersey made from fibers engineered from coffee grounds arrived today

Here are some pics of the Gunnar Grand Tour that I ordered in late February.  The frame has been delivered to my local bike shop, where it is being built out for my summer Washington-to-Connecticut ride…