Day 35

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

Why Am I Riding My Bicycle AcrossAmerica?  To Make A Difference…

A young person’s college years are years of change.  Every young adult who enrolls at a college or university in the United Statesenters a new world.  He or she encounters challenges to his assumptions… her way of thinking… his ideals …her faith.  These years are also years of tremendous opportunity—to grow in faith and character, and to spread the message of God’s grace in Jesus with others.

For decades, Lutheran campus ministries have provided specialized care for the spiritual needs of young adults in campus communities, as well as opportunities to grow in faith and to reach out with God’s love through faith-sharing and Christian service.  Lutheran Campus Mission Association is a national mission organization dedicated to supporting Lutheran ministries at universities and colleges across the country.

Here’s a short video describing the difference campus ministries make…









The first half of my bicycle ride has raised $7345.  That’s a great start, but I still have many more miles to go!  You can help make a difference too!

Lutheran Campus Mission Association relies on donations provided by Christian congregations and individuals with hearts for young adult ministry and for the future of the Church. Your support is vital to what we do!

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