Day 27

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012


An amazing day in North Dakota! I got an early start this morning and enjoyed pedaling through the nearly traffic-free, rolling terrain outside of Napoleon. The many ponds and wetlands were teeming with all sorts of water fowl and other wildlife. The initially calm air eventually turned into a gentle west wind, which provided me the opportunity to rack up some miles. By the time I reached Wyndmere, ND I had ridden 163 miles, the most ever in a single day!
Tonight we are blessed to be staying with Sherman and Renata Fellbaum, brother and sister-in-law of our Campus Lutheran friend, Sharon Kinden.  Sherman gave us a tour of his farm and the surrounding countryside. Renata provided a tasty meal. And our kids enjoyed catching toads in the front yard.

We give thanks for all of the special people God has placed in our lives!

  1. Ann Summerson says:

    What a grand day! I’m very impressed by your mileage. Well done, Kent!

  2. Sharon Kinden says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of miles in one day—-even in flat ND. Glad you got to meet my family. Are you coming through Mpls? Do you want to spend the 4th with my daughter’s family in Excelsior?

  3. Bryan Ross says:

    163 miles? What, do you have an engine mounted on your bike now?

  4. Jon Jensen says:

    Woah! Easy on the achilles!

    “Dad Jensen”

  5. Lisa says:


  6. Janet Thorson says:

    Wow…What a trip across ND…it’s amazing.

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