Day 15

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012


The nice thing about a supported bike ride is… SUPPORT!  About twelve miles into my ride this morning my front shift lever malfunctioned (unrepairable), stranding my chain on the largest of the three front chainrings. Fortunately, I was still within the outer reaches of cell service and was able to call Jen – who was able to deliver my spare bike and take the Gunnar into Whitefish, MT.









Special thanks to the folks at Glacier Cyclery who had my Gunnar waiting with a used friction shifter when I rode into town at 4:30.  Jen and the kids met me there, picked up my old bike, bought me some pizza, and I was back on the road.








Many thanks to everyone who helped me out today!  I am blessed to have such a loving wife and three wonderful children!!!



I finally arrived at West Glacier, MT at 7:30 tonight.  All-in-all, a pretty good day cycling.

  1. Sharon Kinden says:

    Been out of the loop with family reunion/grandkids/MN activities. Sorry to hear about the injury/bike problems. Praises for the speedy recovery and rapid repairs. Prayers always.
    Love telling your story to everyone I meet.

  2. Anne Oldakowski says:

    Wow it sure is beautiful there! I’m watching your posts every day and am enjoying the “ride” along with you. Take care and say hi to everyone for me!

  3. Janet Thorson says:

    Wow…it has been an amazing journey so far hasn’t it? We know that the good Lord is with you and your family. We check all of your posts and watching your progress. So glad Jen was within cell phone reach and that the cycle shop could help out so quickly. Beautiful picture there at the Glacier Park entrance. We will be watching and staying in touch. Blessings to you, Jen and family!

  4. Melanie Auinbauh says:

    I’ll be there at the end of July! I can’t wait!

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