Day 13

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

I was back on the road today for a beautiful day of cycling.  My injury isn’t completely healed, so I truly appreciated today’s sunshine, tailwind and mostly level terrain.  The biggest grades that I had to deal with were downhill at the end of my ride into Libby, MT – a real treat at the end of the day.


Just before lunch today I was in Clark Fork, ID and in need of a break when I noticed the sign for Living Water Lutheran Church.  Marlene, the property manager, happened to be there meeting with Clint, the man who mows the lawn. We enjoyed a short visit, exchanged information and even posed for some pictures.  What a blessing to enjoy the hospitality of God’s people!

  1. Ann Summerson says:

    It’s good to hear that you’re as far as Montana! Glad you had an easier ride today. Thanks for the updates. I enjoy seeing your progress!

  2. Bryan Ross says:

    Hearing the song “On the Road Again” as I read this.

  3. Pam Lueck says:

    Kent, that’s our mission church from Christ Our Redeemer in Sandpoint, ID. The one that just joined with the ELCA church to become LCMS. Glad to hear you made it. Ice well! Hunter’s sad you’re gone but sleeping well. Miss you all.

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