Day 5

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

Today was a perfect day for cycling. Mild temperatures, mostly helpful winds, and NO RAIN! I rode 71 miles, climbed Wauconda Pass (4310 feet), coasted for about 12 miles into the picturesque town of Republic, WA, and finished the last three miles of the day on a paved trail that led to a $17 campsite with showers and cell phone service.




A prayer request:  I learned tonight that my grandmother, Viola Lueck, has been hospitalized.  Please include her in your prayers.

Check out this article about my ride in the Juneau County Star-Times.

  1. Bryan Ross says:

    Did you get the number of the person who owns those buses? The one on the left looks pretty good!

  2. Pamela K Hilke says:

    God’s blessings to you, Jen and your family as you bike and travel across the USA this summer! We’ll be praying for your safety and hope all goes well. This is quite an undertaking! I hope to follow along on the website about your trip. We’ve included you in our church’s pray chain too.

    From your cousins in Wis. Rapids – Pam & Carl Hilke

  3. Donovan Pierce says:

    Don’t ship the VW’s to me. Juneau County has ordinances.

  4. Betsy Harding says:

    Thank goodness the kids can’t drive and Kent is busy bicycling…the buses will stay where they are! I live with one of these guys, you know.

  5. TimA says:

    Getting close to state number 2!! Keep it rolling!

  6. Jon Jensen says:

    Send pics of Studebaker and F1 Ford pickups for sale!

  7. Allison Pierce says:

    Kent- Craig and I are following your bike ride across the States and are very proud of you! Love, Allison Pierce

  8. drselle says:

    Blessings as you ride; especially for your family who trails along. Hope that life continues safely for ALL of you.

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