Day 3

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

A day of testing! Bicycling conditions were brutal today. We woke up to a cold, forty degree rain which lasted all day. Not only was the thought of biking in a cold rain unpleasant, but I also had to tackle my first two mountain passes of the trip – Rainy Pass (4855 feet) and Washington Pass (5477 feet). While the two passes were midway into the day’s 66 mile ride, almost all of the miles leading up to them were uphill. Rain, fog, and bone-chilling temperatures only added to the challenge! The benefit for making it up both passes was the long coast down the other side – although a bit nerve-racking with the low visibility and wet conditions. When I got about 15 miles from my destination in Winthrop I punctured my back tire and had to make a roadside repair. Glad it didn’t happen on the mountain! We found a nice state park with showers and electricity for the night.

A side story for today’s ride included meeting a retiree named John from Colorado. John is attempting to ride to Maine without support, so he hauls his camping gear in a bicycle trailer. The rain made his load extra heavy today, so climbing the passes was wearing him out. I met up with John at the start of Rainy Pass and Jen and the kids happened to drive by at about the same time. We let John load his trailer into our camper and Jen waited for us at the bottom of Washington Pass. John found a motel for the night and is planning to rest tomorrow. Rest up for Loup Loup Pass, John!

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