Day 1

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

We slept in a rest area on I-90 last night just before Snoqualmie Pass.  An early start had us reaching Anacortes in time for a hearty breakfast at a local restaurant.


After that we got our bearings, organized our gear, and waited out the morning rain.  The sun came out mid-afternoon and I dipped my wheels in the Puget Sound before riding out of town.


Afternoon sunshine had temps in the 70’s and reflected beautifully on the water.  I rode 51 miles to Concrete, WA, where we found a nice state park campground with hot showers.  My first day of riding ended at a wildlife viewing area overlooking a field full of elk.  I have some videos of my departure that I will post at a future time.  Now time for some rest!

  1. Brian Arnold says:

    Glad to hear the first day went smoothly! Good luck and may the wind be at your back and all the hills be down hills!

  2. Tim A says:

    Congrats on a successful day 1. I pray there will be many more to come. I hope you brought a spare tube or two 😉

  3. Anne Oldakowski says:

    Awesome job! Love the picture of the bike touching shore! Take care on your travels and we’ll see you in MN! I may even have someone who would bike with you as my daycare’s husband does a lot of biking.

  4. Pr. Dale Krueger says:

    Hi Kent, Pr. Dale Krueger, cyclist here in Kalamazoo, MI. When cycling in Ireland, I learned that the best way to dry out wet shoes is to stuff them with newspapers. I would like to meet you in Michigan and ride with you for some miles….

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