Almost there

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

We’re traveling across Washington toward Seattle as I write this post. If all goes well I will start my ride across America at Anacortes sometime tomorrow. The past few days have included many hours in the truck – with limited data coverage for communicating with all the folks who’ve sent encouraging emails or Facebook messages. Even with the long drive, we have been able to enjoy places like Devil’s Tower and Yellowstone along the way. Looking forward to riding the bike tomorrow!


  1. Carl Selle says:

    I’m a little bit old to ride the distance with you, Kent, but know that I am with you in spirit and prayer. What a marvelous adventure. How would you measure this in comparison to your “fishing” expedition in Alaska? I’ll be reading your posts. Nice that you have so many followers.

  2. Grand says:

    Awesome!Pastor,wish you a good trip!

  3. Joel Krueger says:

    God’s blessings to you as you begin this journey. Wish I could join you! I’ll be with you in spirit and in prayer.

  4. Amy Lindenberg says:

    Devil’s Tower? You weren’t too far from us. Blessings and safe travels to you all!

  5. Amy Lindenberg says:

    Actually, we could have joined you at Mt. Rushmore…only about 20 minutes from our house. Rats! I should have been paying better attention. Have fun!

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