The Countdown Begins…

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Bike Ride Across America 2012

The truck and camper are ready.  Pre-trip route revisions are almost complete.  I received a wonderful send-off from the great folks at Campus Lutheran Church this morning.  School will be out for Jen and the kids in just a couple of days.  Only a few more details to wrap up in CoMo before hitting the road for Washington on May 30th.  Many thanks to everyone who is providing encouragement and prayer support for this ride!  I appreciate all of you more than I’m able to express!!

  1. Bryan Ross says:

    This is such an incredible mission opportunity and you will be touching so many lives and bringing countless people to God’s kingdom. I still can’t get over how long that blue line on the map is though!

  2. Dave Benson says:

    Kent, you will be in my prayers every day. I know God will work through you to raise awareness and support for LCMS Campus Ministry across the nation. I will miss your presence and partnership in ministry here at Campus Lutheran Church over the summer. The Lord be with you.

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